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I Like the word family.

Submitted by Paula (Tampa, FL)

Giving and receiving are two sides of one coin called love!

We were six orphan siblings with living parents. Even before my actual mother’s death and father’s abandonment, all I remember is my sisters and brothers taking care of me. Growing up in the midst of abuse, violence, extreme poverty and plain indifference was not easy, but I still could count on them. I’m 35 now, the youngest of all and the only one who went to school to have a nice middle class living experience. I have been taking care of my family needs here and there for a while. Food, shelter, money, education, health, moral support, etc. Whatever is needed whenever I can. People often ask me if I do not get tired, all I answer is that is family, and for us, family is sacred! But true to be told is, they were there for me when I needed them. The fact that ‘I made it,’ if it can be called that way, is because they always love me, support me, took care of me and gave me the strength to give the fight. Now is my turn to give that fight for them! So, yes, it is family and family is sacred!