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I Like kidney donors.

Submitted by Jamie Hansen (Tempe AZ)
I Like kidney donors.

Saving my sisters life

My sister is in end stage kidney failure. She is a survivor of Lymphoma and had 3 months to live but now a kidney is needed to save her life.

I am one of 10 siblings, none of which either is a match or can give her a kidney. My nephew decided to test and has been determined to be a “perfect match. My sister is also on dialysis 4 times a day.

John my nephew, left his home in CA, was “let go” from his job as they could not hold his position for the time it took to donate his kidney and recover, has put aside his financial obligations to save my sisters life. He will not allow one life to be taken if he can help. He is such a hero to me and to our entire family.

Our story is on Go fund Me /help-us-help-john