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I Like Because of You I Am Me.

Submitted by John McNeil (Burlington, Ontario )
I Like Because of You I Am Me.

a stop at the local coffee shop becomes a lesson.

Last Sunday morning I was in the lineup at Starbucks in Tempe, AZ. There in front of me was a gentleman that I had seen in the area throughout the weekend wandering the streets, perhaps homeless. He was not ordinary, in fact he was what some would call a Superman.  I was to learn this as our encounter transpired, but at this moment I recognized him as a Superman because of his great Superman costume, with an enhanced chest and abs, making this super hero look ‘cut’.

Well Superman had a pile of change on the counter.  As he counted out $1.50 and with a look that he seemed accustomed to – hoping for an affirmative answer, but expecting the opposite- he asked if he could get a small coffee with his paltry sum.

The cashier rang in a tall coffee and read back the number on the register. The number that he stated back wasn’t clear to me, but what was clear to me was that the $1.50 would not cover it.

At this moment, I spoke up and stated that “I will cover the difference”.  Superman turned his head and looked my way.  He had a sparkle in his eye.  I then continued, “Actually, would you like a medium”.  (At this point I should point out that I had broken Starbuck’s ettiquette, my using the misnomer ‘medium’ where it obviously should have been ‘Grande’) 

Super then looked with a smile.  “Yes sir” he said and we both glanced back to the cashier.

“Give him his money back, please. I will cover all of it” left from my tongue with ease, as I became a part of a beautiful moment.

What came next, I could not have conceived if I was merely writing a story.  As the cashier turned to fill a Grande cup with coffee, Super