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I Like Giving to others.

Submitted by Brie Miller (Stanwood, Washington)

Giving food to someone who was homeless

One day I was on my way to go to the dentist for a pre-op for getting my wisdom teeth pulled when I saw this man on the side of the road with a sign that said “homeless, in need of job, food and money.” I thought to myself, “I have a Taco from Taco bell left and so I gave my taco and the rest of my drink to the homeless man and I told him that God will find him a home, a job, money and a lot of food. He smiled at me and said “I believe you sweet child.” From then on I have prayed for him every day until one day, the day of my surgery I found out that he had a daughter that I didn’t know about but she came up to me and said “because of what you told my daddy, he has a good job, a nice home, money to get by and a lot of food on the table.” I was so happy for them. To this day I still pray for him and his daughter Jessica. I’m so glad to help people, even though they may not want the help, I give it to them anyway because with little acts of kindness, you can make a big difference in that persons life.