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I Like Ice.

Submitted by Tony Jaeger (Washington, DC)

A trip to the ice rink that started on the wrong foot and ending up on the right.

I like ice, well no, not really, I fear it. But a friend was having her birthday party at a local ice rink and I wanted to be there for her.

My fear of ice was based on the fact that I had two straight occurrences where I fell head first on the ice, so I thought a helmet would be the remedy. I was on the ice for a few minutes but then I started to lose my breath. I went off the ice and I couldn’t catch it, so my friends took me to the ER and after all was said and done, I had about a $2500 bill.

At the time, I was struggling financially, working three part time jobs in search of a new one and I even called my parents to help out with the bill, in which they would have helped out.

One night, several moths later, I was co-hosting a housewarming party, when a few of my friends gathered around me and said that they had raised what amounted to be 90% of my bill. It turned out they reached out to my church and beyond, thinking they were only getting several hundred bucks, but got an overwhelming response.

After that action, things really started to turn around for me. I was able to pay my bill in full, about a week after the party, I had accepted a full time position and not long after that, I fully committed my life to Christ through Baptism.

After that simple action, I try and pass it on through those that may be in need as much as I was back then. I am forever grateful to have friends that have shown true grace for the people around them.