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I Like God Works In Mysterious Ways.

Submitted by Butch (Hudson Falls, NY)

Gods Gift of Giving Made a U Turn! When God works a Miracle, there is no doubt about it!!

My lover of 7 years committed suicide. I stopped at a Garage sale and a women named Trudy saw the despair in my eyes, she asked me what was wrong I told her my friend just killed himself. She in reply asked to pray with me, we prayed & she gave me the name of a church she belonged to & asked if I would go, I did go & It was a Wonderful Church!
Trudy could never know how much she helped me that day! The years passed & I moved back to NY & then returned to Florida once more.
As it turns out, a woman was being evicted from her apt. in Miami & needed a place to live. The church there contacted the church in west palm beach & as they worked together, they were able to locate an apt. But needed someone to move her who had a truck. Well, I had a truck,so I went down to Miami to move this woman. To my astonishment,There before me stood: TRUDY!
God had put me there to help her when she needed someone so much, as he did with her when I needed someone so desperately years before. We just wrapped our arms around each other & hugged & cried for what seemed to be hours.
How many Butch’s or Trudy’s are out there that might need your help, love & care? My point is people come into your life for a reason! Don’t miss the opportunity to help out when you can.
Thanks for reading this and I hope my little story can help you in some way to make your decisions in life.