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I Like Beautiful.

Submitted by Nicole O. (Cape Town, South Africa)
I Like Beautiful.


We are a young family living in Cape Town, South Africa. My husband and I have 5 children – 4 biological and 1 adopted son, Noah. Noah was abandoned at birth, left under a tree in a field outside a nearby township. He was found wrapped in his mother’s jacket and hidden inside a plastic bag. This is not uncommon in South Africa – thousands of babies are abandoned each year, and sadly most don’t make it. But this little champion defied the odds!

At around the same time I was pregnant with twins, but at 12 weeks, tragedy struck and I miscarried severely, nearly losing my life in the process. As devastating as it was, the experience left us both changed in a profoundly positive way. A few months later, we got a call from a friend about this little boy who had been abandoned. The memory of our own tragedy still fresh in our minds, we were deeply moved by his story and felt compelled to go and find out more. We just had to meet this little baby who had survived such a tragic start in life! Talk about love at first sight! As soon as we saw him, we knew that it was meant to be. Three weeks later, (at 2 months old), we brought him home. He is now 5 years old and the happiest, healthiest little boy you could ever meet. We couldn’t imagine our lives without him!

We hope this ignites hope in people who are experiencing their own forms of brokenness. Be brave enough to reach out to help someone else in their own time of struggle, because we discovered that an amazing exchange takes place. In rescuing this beautiful little boy, we ourselves were rescued!

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