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I Like Pillowcases.

Submitted by Karen Doler (Philadelphia, PA)
I Like Pillowcases.

97-year old gives back by making dresses with pillowcases

I’d like you to meet Dorothy, who is 97 years young. Recently, Dot presented a variety of hand-made dresses to a local church to take to impoverished families just outside of Mexico City. What is most remarkable about the dresses is they started their lives as pillowcases. YES pillowcases!

With Dot at her sewing machine, and a supply of elastic and colorful ribbon, she was able to make over two dozen beautiful dresses for little girls who now have their very first new dress.

Dot is back to her sewing machine making more dresses for the girls in Mexico, as well as girls in Philadelphia and around the world.

You never lose your creativity, or desire to help others, no matter your age!