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I Like Sacrificial Giving…..the rest of the story.

Submitted by Cadieux Family (Red Deer, AB Canada)

A story about one family's journey into complete trust

Back in May we wrote the beginning of our story, a story about living on ten percent of my income and giving the rest away. Well, we finished the year living out what we felt God was calling us to do. Not only did He provide for all of our needs, He blessed us in ways we can’t even fully describe. The biggest thing we learned through this is that the reason we like giving is because Jesus gives us His heart, and His character is generosity. He invented generosity and wants His followers here on earth to embrace his character and live it out. Was it easy to have to depend solely on Jesus for every need? Nope. Would we ever change it for anything? Nope, never. I like to say that the past year was like a rich fertilizer for our faith, it took us to a place we never thought possible in our faith, in our marriage, and with our church family. I want to share one incredible story of provision in our year. It was our eleventh anniversary and I had been playing Baseball all day in a tournament (I know, I have a great wife!) and on my way home I had to stop by the store for milk. The food budget only had enough for milk, which my wife would water down to make it last twice as long. On the drive to the store in my mind I was thinking about what I would love to buy for my wife to show her how much I love her and appreciate her. My first thought was that normally I would pick up some flowers and some chicken wings to celebrate when the kids where in bed, but this year that just wasn’t possible. Once in the store I saw both flowers and wings were both ten dollars. Knowing we couldn’t afford one let alone both I quickly prayed for wisdom and faith for which one to buy. Something inside said chicken wings (or maybe it was the practical side of me) and so in faith I picked up a box. As I was going thru the self-checkout I rang in the wings and the total came two dollars over what the price on the shelf had on it. So I took the box to the manager and told her about the wrong price knowing that some time they give a discount when the products come up wrong priced. So I asked as she was correcting the price if I could have a discount, she didn’t even look up as she ignored me. As I walked back to the checkout after she was done adjusting the price I couldn’t believe my eyes, She had discounted the entire price. The wings were given to me completely free. God had again provided! I couldn’t wait to get home and celebrate our anniversary we would never forget.

We love sacrificial giving