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I Like A Sweater.

Submitted by Grace Cross (Carmichael, CA)

I covered her with my sweater as she went into shock.

I has jaywalking near an intersection in the early evening. It was dark out. A few yards from me in the direction of oncoming traffic was a woman, also jaywalking, in the opposite direction. I was watching her because I was watching the oncoming traffic beyond her.

She turned to look at the oncoming traffic, made a judgment about the three approaching cars and began to cross between the first and second cars, turning her face away from the approaching vehicles and towards the sidewalk. I perceived that the first and third cars were maintaining a steady speed but the second car was accelerating, perhaps to catch the green light behind us.

As I yelled a warning, the driver of the second car failed to see the pedestrian and swerved at the last instant, clipping her with the passenger side corner of his front bumper. The woman flew into the air, did a complete flip and came down, face first. The vehicle actually continued until I screamed at it, then braked and reversed.

I ran screaming across the street towards the woman on the asphalt. Thankfully, I was not the only witness, as several other people converged on the scene from every direction. One mentioned he had medical experience and so no one touched or moved her.

She was still conscious and complained about the discomfort of her position but the medical person would not allow her to move nor be moved.

Unable to assist in any other fashion I took off my sweater and covered her torso and shoulders with it, anticipating shock. When the paramedics arrived, they tossed my sweater aside. I gave my statement and repeated it later when an insurance agent called me to follow up.

I took the sweater home, soaked with her blood. I washed it and wore it for several more years before one day leaving it on the seat of a light rail train.

This was in the 1980s/90s. I never learned what happened to her. I never saw her again.