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I Like My Sister.

Submitted by Amy Hill (Cherry Hill, NJ)

A woman shows unconditional love to women in bondage to drugs and prostitution.

This is the story of Brenda Antinore (founder of “She Has a Name/Seeds of Hope Ministries” in Camden, NJ). After experiencing and being redeemed from her own troubled past, Brenda established a ministry to help women in bondage to drugs and prostitution in Camden, NJ (one of the most dangerous cities in the country). Each of the women she helps “has a name.” She is someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s friend, and (in most cases) someone’s mother. Brenda and other SHAN volunteers show the unconditional love of Jesus Christ to these women in practical ways by helping them secure identification, getting them physical & mental health assistance, and by providing them with STD testing, clothing, toiletries, and feminines products. The women are also invited to weekly Saturday outreach breakfasts, to participate in Christian counseling, and to find redemption and rebirth in the Person of Jesus Christ.