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I Like Backpacks.

Submitted by Carrie Leister (Mantua Ohio)

I love backpacks on the backs of hundreds of Nicaragua children that now have the opportunity to attend school

As I traveled the dirt roads of a remote region along the Pacific coast of Nicaragua I was reminded of the fact that most of the shoeless children I passed on the road would not be able to attend school. Not only were they shoeless but their families would never be able to afford the most basic of school supplies, their entrance into the public schools. How easy, I thought should it be to get others involved. Maybe with a little help we could send 100 children to school. And just maybe these children could have a pair of shoes along with some basic supplies. As I lived in Nicaragua during my daughter’s adoption I hoped and dreamed that someday this need could be met. Thanks to so many incredibly generous families the sponsorships began to come in as support for this project grew. In 2010, one year later, with a team of 10 women, 1000 backpacks with basic supplies were distributed to children all over Nicaragua. One hundred-thirty of those backpacks also included uniforms and shoes. In our most recent (and third) distribution 1500 backpacks were distributed. There is nothing like looking into the eyes of a crying mother who shares that without this gift her children would not be attending school. So yes, I love backpacks and I like giving. One of my favorite things is driving away from a village and passing hundreds of kids walking home with their new backpacks!