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I Like hearts.

Submitted by Ted Kallman (Grandville, MI)

A story of 3 hearts woven together

We have run a Wed night prayer ministry called the “W” for the past ten years. We have seen many healing miracles and are continuously amazed by God and His goodness.
About 7 years ago we had a baby who was born with tetralogy of fallot (a serious condition that can only be corrected via surgury and has a 50% mortality rate) who was brought for prayer. We prayed for Peyton and then prayed again a few days later. When they met with the surgeon to go over the prep needed to perform the dangerous proceedure he came in with two files. One file was the documents from the previous week showing the problems. The second file was from the images that morning that showed Peyton had been given a new heart and no longer needed surgury. Very cool but only a part of the story.
The night that Peyton’s testimony was given at the “W” a man was attending for the first time. He had recently come back to God but felt his heart was dead. He no longer felt anything and did not have any hope that it could be restored. As he sat listening to Peyton’s testimony, he heard the Holy Spirit say in his mind “if I can give that boy a new physical heart I can certainly give you a new emotional heart, trust me.” He felt a warm assurance that he could trust God to restore his heart.
Fast forward to Jan. 2012. Peyton visited the “W” (they now live in Tenn.) and that night the same man was visiting again. He stood up and gave the testimony of how God had restored his heart over the past 7 years and before that night he had not told anyone the story. Many tears and much thanks giving to a God who healed two hearts with one transaction.
The transaction was Jesus and his death on the cross and the third heart was His. I am sure it was touched by the delight of His children. SO@50