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I Like loving the unloved.

Submitted by Terre K Ritchie (Grand Rapids, MI 49505)

What the Father teaches us through others

Learning to love the unloved is hard, not easy. First, you have to get to the unloved.
God did that to me through my husband. He was starting to go overseas to start crisis pregnancy centers in Eastern Europe. He was a business man with a heart for God. God brought him to a place where he became the board chairman for an organization called Life International. His ‘assignment’ as a board member was to meet with clients who wanted to start saving babies in their country. He had gone on a few of these initial trips when he asked me to go with him. As a couple we had traveled overseas a few times for pleasure. This was something different.

On that trip I met a young woman starting a ministry that worked in a government run hospital taking care of abandoned children. I went with her one day…and I was hooked. No, that’s not the right word…unraveled, astonished, heartbroken, livid! Those are good words to describe how I felt after that first visit.

I came home and could not get that place out of my heart and head. I wrote to the director and asked her if I could come back. I contacted the missions director at our Christian college where I taught and asked him if it was possible to take teams oversees to help this small fledgling ministry. The answer was yes.

Seventeen trips later…86 lives changed for eternity…a new perspective on what God can do if you allow Him to use you up…and I can truly say that loving the unlovely is AMAZING! There’s lots more to this story, like the five-star interview process to get students on the trip list. That alone was a learning lesson I will never forget. There’s more if you want to hear it.
(Check out the paintings I did after coming home one time: SO@50