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I Like the Wrestling Team Shirt.

Submitted by Steven Geurink (Zeeland, MI)

Wrestling team reaches out to player's grandfather with team shirt after brain surgery

We rushed back 12 hours from NC to MI just in time for my father’s unexpected brain surgery. All went well with the surgery and unannouced we drove out to pick up our son from a tournament wrestling match so he could see his grandfataher. His name was Glenn and so was his Grandfather’s name. To our surpise, when we arrived we found our son with a large white bandage on his head which was covering up one of those frequent wrestling cuts. Just as he finished his last match of the day we leaned over the balcony railing and yelled to the coach we want to take Glenn to the hospital. The coach knowing we were “new wrestling parents” assumed that we were concerned about our son’s head wound… “No Glenn is fine he does not need to go to the hospital” the coach tried to assure us. When we finally communicated that is was Glenn the Grandfather that Glenn the grandson had to visit.. The coach urged our son to shower up and to leave with us immediately. Shortly after sending Glenn to the showers is when two unexpected events took place. The Varisty team captain called the entire boys wreslting team to stop and pray in the locker room for my father and Glenn. The next unexpected event was the visit of Coach Watson the next day to the hospital where he presented my father with the Team wrestling shirt and offered to help around my parents farm if needed. My father was profoundly touched by the news of the team prayer by the boys and the gift of the team shirt. Just days after getting out of the hospital, my father made the trip to the high school where he had to visit the boys on the wrestling floor to thank them for their kindness, prayes and gift of a team shirt…which I believe my father Glenn was was wearing at that moment and continues to wear to matches to this day. I marvel to this day at the selfless giving of “time” from our high school wrestling coach. His trip to the hospital was a long journey and far out of the way for his normal commute and this type of concern for others is one of his earmarks. He continues to pour himself in to young men, to create champions of character as well as athletes. The out pouring of concern for my father and my son from that group has a root cause. And that is the root goes back to the person and character of the coach of our high school wrestling program. Thank you Coach Watson. SO@50