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I Like Giving Forward.

Submitted by Michael Fernan (St. Joseph, Michigan 49085)

One Gift Turns into Hundreds!

Thanksgiving weekend, 2005, my 89 year old mother, suffering from short term memory loss, approached me trying to give me a check for $100.. I thanked her for the thought but refused the check because I didn’t need it. She kept insisting that I take it. She said that she must have wanted me to have it for a reason so would I please take it. I suggested that she keep it so she would have it in case I needed it in the future. She would have none of it and insisted that I take it. I agreed to take it but with the stipulation that when I returned to St. Joseph, Michigan, I would use it to buy someone that needed it, a new winter coat.
On the way home I realized that if I used this money correctly I could buy many coats, not just one!
That was the start of the Helen Fernan Coat Drive. We have just finished our sixth year and have had the honor of donating 162 new and gently used coats to the Salvation Army Christmas Distribution Days this year. We have been able to donate a total of 674 new and gently used coats over the last six years.
We have no way of knowing how this might have blessed others but I know with out a doubt that this experience of giving has changed me forever!
I hope to be an example to my children and grandchildren and that they will continue to give in Gods’ name!