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I Like cars.

Submitted by Denise Sorenson (Fredon,NJ)

I bought my friend a car

My friend is a single mom, disabled with one disabled child. Her husband left the country without giving any support to the family. Her car was repossessed, and they were trying to reposses her husbands crashed up car as well, but she kept it in the garage in order to drive the 3 children to school & get groceries. Her house is getting foreclosed on as well & all of her utility bills are in arrears and in danger of being shut off. I purchased a used car from our youth pastor’s wife & gave it to my friend. This helped out both women as the youth pastors family was taking the Financial Peace class and decided to sell off one car to reduce their debt, and helped my friend to have a car that would not be reposessed. This was actually the 2nd car that I purchased for the same friend, the other one being 16 years ago when I helped her out when we were very young & she became a single unwed mother & needed transportation. I feel great when I am able to give help to people – I grew up on the free lunch program & I knew how it felt to be the child of a single mom who could barely make ends meat and was getting no financial support from her ex-husband.