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I Like being warm.

Submitted by Margaret Waite (Dunkirk NY)

funding for a heater before it snows

There was a Christian woman who was always giving to others. She mentioned she needed to raise $500.00 before the plumber would install a heater in her old house. It took her weeks to save $200,winter was approaching faster than she could save, but she said God would provide. I decided to sell an art window I had made to get her to her goal. I emailed friends and offered to sell the window for the remaining $300…never sold the window but I got enough “donations” to give the woman the $300.00 in less than 10 hrs.This was last Sunday. Today I’m looking out my window at the snow…So it means that heater has been installed…because I was told “God wouldn’t let it snow or get cold until I get a heater”…so true,so true