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I Like BART.

Submitted by Tyler

Things quickly changed as my night out was brought to a halt by a few tears in the corner.

It was San Francisco after the New Year celebration just ended. My friends and I were walking down to BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) on my way home when I noticed a girl about my age sitting in a corner, crying her eyes out. I couldn’t believe that everyone just ignored her and walked right past as if she wasn’t there. In that moment my heart broke. I didn’t know why she was upset, all I knew was that she was alone.

I decided to approach her and say “I don’t know how you got here or why you’re upset, but I want to solve it. What can I do?” With a snarky glance she looked up at me from the floor, scoffed and sarcastically said “you could buy me a BART ticket.” I was expecting to do anything aside from murder to help her out so a $10 ticket was a big relief! So without hesitation I said “alright lets go, I’ll buy you one right now!” Her countenance completely changed to shocked.

It wasn’t about the money, for her it was about being loved, or lack-there-of. I grabbed her by the hand and lead her through the line. Without saying a word she lunged at me and embraced me in a hug, it was then I realized that she was still crying … but these were tears of joy.